anesthesia & sedation permits

General Information

A dentist who wishes to administer general anesthesia or sedation in the 
dental office must obtain a permit from the Board of Dental Examiners.
The dentist must complete an application and submit it with verification of training in anesthesia or sedation. An in-office evaluation is required before a permit may be issued. A $100 application fee AND an evaluation fee of $375 for anesthesia /$275 for sedation is required up front.

Please Note: Due to recent rule changes, the Board no longer issues temporary permits!

New sedation rules went into effect July 1, 2017.

Applications for Anesthesia and Sedation Permits

Link to the most current Anesthesia and Sedation rules: 21 NCAC 16Q

Links to Board Statements:

Click here to see the text of the Board's Interpretive Statement to accompany their Rules on Use of Auxiliaries in administering Sedation and Anesthesia
21 NCAC 16Q .0201, .0301, .0401, or .0404.

Click here to read the Board's response to the question of whether a moderate conscious sedation permit holder could administer or supervise a CRNA administering Ketalar (ketamine hydrochloride) to induce a level of moderate conscious sedation.

Click here to read the Board's response to a question regarding the use of Propofol by Anesthesia or Sedation permit holders.

Most Recent List of Approved Courses for Sedation Permits

This is our most current list of Board approved courses for Sedation permits. Courses may be submitted for approval by sending information and request to the Board Offices. To access the list, please click here.


To protect the public interest, the Board issued two interpretive statements regarding the administration of anxiolytics. To read the statement regarding the administration of anxiolysis to adult and geriatric patients, click here. To read the statement regarding the administration of anxiolysis to pediatric patients, click here.

The Board’s statements provide interpretation and guidance regarding acceptable standards of care, consistent with the Board’s rules, to administer anxiolytics, including acceptable anxiolytic drugs, permissible dose amounts, and the appropriate timing of a single dose that constitutes anxiolysis and, therefore, does not require the dentist to hold a current, unrestricted sedation permit.

Record Keeping

A dentist administering general anesthesia or sedation in the dental office must do so in compliance with the Board's anesthesia or sedation statutes and rules, including by keeping a proper record of each sedation procedure.  The rules setting out the Board's requirements for compliant anesthesia/sedation records are:

21 NCAC 16Q .0202, General Anesthesia/Deep Sedation
21 NCAC 16Q .0302, Moderate Conscious Sedation
21 NCAC 16Q .0405, Moderate Pediatric Conscious Sedation
21 NCAC 16Q .0505, Minimal Conscious Sedation
21 NCAC 16T .0101, Treatment Record Content
21 NCAC 16T .0103, Informed Consent

As additional guidance, the Board provides the following examples of templates for general anesthesia, moderate conscious sedation, and moderate pediatric conscious sedation records that contain fields for all the information required to comply with the Board's rules.  These forms are publicly available for use:

  • Click here to view the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry procedural sedation record template.  The form is available on the AAPD website along with extensive resources for pediatric dentistry.
  • Click here to view the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology template that may be used for general anesthesia or moderate conscious sedation.
  • Click here to view a sample pre-operative assessment template to supplement the ADSA sedation template.
  • Click here to view a sample template for general anesthesia or moderate conscious sedation that includes the pre-operative assessment information.

These forms also contain fields with additional information that is recommended to be recorded as a best practice.  Permit holders must be familiar with the requirements applicable to their permit level and ensure their sedation records are in compliance with the Board's rules. These documents merely provide examples of sedation and anesthesia records that the Dental Board has concluded comply with its governing laws, if properly completed by the permit holder.  Other records also may comply with the pertinent dental laws, and no permit holder is required to use these example templates. 

• Applications by mail may also be requested by 
Email:  or by Electronic Forms
Executive Office: 2000 Perimeter Park Dr., Suite 160 • Morrisville, NC 27560
Office: (919) 678-8223 or Fax: (919) 678-8472

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